Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Sandy Brown - Re-elected to City Council

In this program Randa Solick talked with Santa Cruz City Council member Sandy Brown about a variety of important issues.

The housing crisis,  and especially truly affordable housing was discussed at length. Sandy is proud that the previous council, of which she was a member, voted to increase the ratio of afforable units in all new construction from 15% to 20% – this is called the inclusion rate.

Sandy believes that new funding from the state will help with future affordable housing construction.

She is also interested in the CAHOOTS program. It started in Oregon and is now being adopted by many Bay Area Cities. It means that mental health emergencies would be handled by well trained unarmed people instead of armed police. At present the debate is about city vs county and set-up funding.

Sandy did not approve the current Wharf remodeling plan, and especially objected to the monstrous Landmark building proposed at the far end of the wharf. Council approved the plan but it could be affected by possible legal actions or input from the Coastal Commission. Note more on this topic at a previous GoodNews program.

Sandy was not happy with the mixed library/garage project proposed for Lot 4. One concern is the questionable funding for the proposed affordable housing, and a great number of citizens object to the plan.

Sandy encourages citizens to contact her on any relevant issue at