Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Thairie Ritchie Organizer and Activist asks "Where Do Go From Here?"
On Good News Santa Cruz, Thursday, September 23, 2021 Christine Barrington interviews activist, community organizer, and fellow KSQD talk show host Thairie Ritchie about the Community Forum he organized this past weekend at Mission Plaza examining how Santa Cruz meets collective traumas as a community. The event artfully addressed the often hidden racial tensions that impact the region. Join us to hear what inspires this young leader to step forward to take on challenging conversations and advocate for change.
Community Sponsors for the Forum:
Rise Together Santa Cruz  (An initiative through Community Foundation)
Santa Cruz Cares
Fuerza LatinaX
Thairie Ritchie spoke at this years Juneteenth Celebration at the London Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz. (the name has been changed officially from Louden Nelson to London Nelson) If you missed this terrific event, you have the chance to experience it via You Tube.