The Global Carbon Reward is a bold new policy proposal pioneered by Dr. Delton Chen and popularized by sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson in his latest novel The Ministry for the FutureDr. Chen will be visiting Santa Cruz on November 2 for an event entitled “Funding for the Future: New Ways to Value Life on Our Planet.”  In the lead up to this event KSQD will be featuring Dr. Chen’s idea for a Global Carbon Reward in a series of interviews on October 5, 12,19, and 31.

This interview, the first in our October series, is an edited rebroadcast of the Yale Center for Business and the Environment podcast called Pricing Nature with host Casey Prickett (Episode #14). This episode asks: Will fighting climate change require restructuring the global economy? Is a “carbon currency” the most intuitive or efficient solution to the climate crisis? In the Season 2 finale of Pricing Nature, Casey Pickett chats with Kim Stanley Robinson (Author, The Ministry for the Future), Kate Raworth (Economist and Author, Doughnut Economics), and Delton Chen (Founder, Global Carbon Reward initiative) about the pros and cons of pursuing a global currency that rewards carbon emission reduction and sequestration. 

KSQD thanks Casey Pickett and his team for their gracious permission in rebroadcasting this valuable program.

Enjoy the Full Episode Recording here: Pricing Nature Episode #14

Pricing Nature is a limited-series podcast from the Yale Center for Business and the Environment and the Yale Carbon Charge. Pricing Nature tells a story about the economics, politics, and history of carbon pricing, which many argue should play a critical role in any national climate policy. They feature conversations with carbon pricing experts from government, academia, and civil society. To learn more, visit their website:

Pricing Nature thanks The Cabin Project for their original music score.