Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Panel discussion: The real people affected by anti-transgender care laws
Around the country, conservative lawmakers are rushing to enact laws restricting the rights of parents, doctors, and transgender teenagers to pursue treatments that are well-studied, safe, and proven to save the lives of very vulnerable transgender children and teens. Lawmakers writing these laws are unlikely to know any families with transgender children, and have largely not consulted with the experts who have been studying and working with these children for years. How does this rush to follow a political fad affect the very real people whose rights are being restricted?
    On Talk of the Bay, join host Suki Wessling for a special panel discussion about the lives of transgender children, the difficult decisions that parents must make in order to support these children, and the professionals who care for them. On the panel, listen to the concerns of parent advocate Andrea Damon of the TransFamily Support Group of Santa Cruz County, Dr. Jenny Schrek, a physical who treats transgender patients, and Max, a young adult from Santa Cruz who transitioned as a teen. Listen in and gain the understanding that everyone needs in order to support compassionate, appropriate care for transgender youth.
Note: This is the full, unedited panel discussion, which runs just over one hour.

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