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A blast from our educational past: two new principal/superintendents lead one-school districts

What does it take to run a one-school district? In Santa Cruz County, we have three of these little hold-outs from a simpler time and two of them have brand-new principal/superintendents. Host Suki Wessling is joined by Michelle Stewart of Happy Valley Elementary and Megan Tresham of Mountain Elementary to talk about the joys and tribulations of managing education the way it used to be done. Two female first-time superintendents, two tiny districts only minutes from two parts of our county—in the middle of a pandemic. Stewart and Tresham have a lot to discuss, from watching children stick out their tongues at them while meeting with state representatives to rescuing classrooms from black widows and mice. It’s all in a day’s work when the superintendent is the principal, and sometimes the playground monitor or the reader for story hour.