Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Myths and Realities of Affordable Housing

In many California communities, the acceptable political dialogue over building “affordable housing” has become extremely narrow. The solution at the statewide level—with massive support from the real estate lobby–has been to “build, Baby, build” and now that mantra is spreading across the United States. But does more “market rate” housing actually translate into getting the unhoused off the streets and bringing down rents? Does it translate into tenant’s rights and real affordable housing? … Or is this push to build at all costs about creating more opportunities for the wealthy and global investors to buy homes and make more profits?

Where is the will and energy from local and the state governments to reign in multinational corporations and equity firms gobbling up housing across the globe and price-fixing rents (many such companies are now facing a suit from the Arizona Attorney General, including Greystar, which manages several properties in Santa Cruz County).

In this show with advocates for tenants and the unhoused, along with “Josh the Radical Planner,” who counters the YIMBY (Yes in My Backyard) narrative on his YouTube channel.

With special guests:

Amadi Ozier, assistant professor of English at UW-Madison and a community builder with Madison Tenant Power in Madison, WI, who has also previously worked with the Crown Heights Tenant Union and the Crown Heights C.A.R.E. Collective (which they co-founded) in Brooklyn, NY. Their political priorities include: universal housing; universal healthcare, including abortion care; and racial trauma-informed support and advocacy.

“Josh the Rad Planner,” who hosts a YouTube Channel platforming critiques on neoliberal urban land use policies within a US context. Josh is a practicing urban planner with ten years of experience in land use and transportation planning with an equity focus. He currently works for Mid-Atlantic cities and lives in Philadelphia. Using his expertise in urban planning, Josh creates his educational videos to add depth to the ongoing urban crisis discussion.

… and Reggie Meisler, a Santa Cruz, CA-based activist who has campaigned for rent control and the recent Empty Home Tax measure in Santa Cruz, California, which failed, thanks in part to funding from the real estate industry. Reggie is also a member of Santa Cruz Cares, advocating for the rights of unhoused residents on the streets of Santa Cruz.

Amadi’s handles:

Twitter – @amadiozier / @madtenantpower

Instagram – @killinitsmalls / @madtenantpower

Josh the Rad Planner:

Youtube: Radical Planning:

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Reggie Meisler:

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