Good News Santa Cruz
Slow Streets Santa Cruz with Claire Gallogly

On Good News Santa Cruz October 8, 2020 Pauline Seales interviewed Claire Gallogly about Slow Streets Santa Cruz and other projects associated with the Active Transportation program.



With more people staying home during the COVID-19 health crisis, many residents have started walking and biking in their neighborhoods. However, sometimes it is difficult to maintain 6’ of social distance.

Because of this, many pedestrians are choosing to walk in the street to maintain 

adequate social distance. This program is designed to limit through traffic on certain residential streets and allow them to be used more as a shared space for foot and bicycle traffic.

At the left is an example of one of the temporary signs being used.

Slow Streets Santa Cruz Information  

The link has a survey at the bottom – please complete if you live on or near one of the Slow Streets.

In addition to Slow Streets Claire discussed several aspects of the Active Transportation Program, such as the new protected bike lane on Water Street and the rail-line trail section soon to open on West Side Santa Cruz.

It is worth noting that every repaving project in the city includes bike lanes marking or other enhancements awhenver possible.

The city also teams with Ecology Action to provide safe walk to school classes for all 2nd graders and safe bike to school classes for all 5th graders.