Hi Folks, I’m Andy Fuhrman and pretty excited to be hosting my Brooklynbilly Music Mashup show here on Santa Cruz’s new community supported radio station KSQD broadcast locally at 90.7 on your FM dial and globally over the web at www.ksqd.org 

As the show name implies, I’ll be mashing up tunes from Classic Country, Folk, Country Folk, Rockabilly, R&B, 50’s-70’s Oldies and some fantastic Brooklyn Doo Wop. You never know what I’ll throw at you. You might hear The Beach Boys, Larry Hosford, Sherry Austin and Kenny Vance all in one set.

Best of all, I plan to highlight our amazing local musicians on each show, playing their recorded music as well as having them into the studio for interviews and live performances. We are fortunate to have so many talented musicians, many who are well known and some who may not have had a chance perform at a local venue or event, that I believe our listeners would enjoy and deserve an opportunity to be heard.

This mashup of genres pretty much reflects my musical tastes having grown on the beach and streets of Coney Island in Brooklyn where I sang acapella doo wop with some pals on the street corners and hallways, eventually finding my way to Santa Cruz in ’71 where I fell in love with Classic Country, Old Timey and Bluegrass. There’s so much great music out there, I’m looking forward to bundling it up and sharing it with you.

Off the air, Andy is a working singer – songwriter performing both solo and a full band as Andy Fuhrman and his Fabulous Friends.

Thanks for tuning in…..Andy