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Lullaby for Ukraine with Music Producers Andy Zenczak and Kathryn Veditz

What is a musician to do in the face of unspeakable tragedy? Make music, of course. When Russian forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022 local musician, Kathryn Veditz, felt a need to create in answer to the devastation. Gathering dear friends and collaborators amongst the Santa Cruz musical community she set out to arrange and record a Ukrainian Lullaby with the female vocal ensemble Zambra and harpist Kim Lambert.

Local music producer and videographer Andy Zenczak grew up within the Ukrainian diaspora on the East Coast surrounded by its rich culture, steeped in its music and the celebration of life within the community. Inspired by Kathryn’s vision he expanded the original idea of recording a song to creating a music video that included renowned violinist Edwin Huizinga.  The story of their collaboration is a heart tale that we share on Talk of the Bay, Monday, August 8th at 5pm.

See the video on You Tube: Ukranian Lullaby by Zambra

John Rutter on You Tube with his Prayer for Ukraine

Enjoy Zambra’s gorgeous Her Feet in the Sea. Vocal music from the Jewish diaspora.

Andy Zenczak mentions this film he made featuring the music of Edwin Huizinga and William Coulter: Fire and Grace in Ireland. (Be prepared to feel chills and joy!)