Talk of the Bay returns to the airwaves and web this fall with a new lineup of hosts, a new music theme, and a renewed commitment to cover local issues around the Monterey Bay.  We will focus on newsmakers and local current events, which means everything from here to Sacramento, and how national events are shaping events here at home and how we are responding to them. We’ll also tackle the perennial topics like housing, homelessness, transportation, education, and more from a new angle.

Your hosts M-Th 5-6pm are:

Rachel Anne Goodman

Marc De Geire

Len Beyea

Maia Rodriguez

Talk of the Bay expands the idea of who the news-makers are.  We plan to include voices not traditionally heard on the airwaves; youth, seniors, local tribal leaders, LGBTQ identified, homeless, veterans, surfers, loggers, you name it. You don’t have to be a polished public relations expert to be a guest. Keeping it real is our motto.

We welcome our brethren and sistren of the print and online journalism world with weekly news roundups, amplifying their reporting to a new audience. Our goal is to keep you informed about what’s happening in our community so you can be empowered to engage, to act, and to participate. Democracy depends on it. We don’t want to simply describe how messed-up everything is. We want to focus on viable solutions to the chronic and vexing problems facing us from a different perspective. We want to hear your stories. Why did you do what you did? How did your previous experiences shape who you are today and the role you are currently occupying in our central coast world? How can we overcome the divisiveness infecting our national and local discourse so we can actually get down to solving things?

We look forward to hearing your ideas for guests, topics and organizations that you’d like to hear more about.