Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Gen Z and the Labor Movement

It’s been a few banner years for the labor movement and not a moment too soon … On this episode of Moment of Truth, we discuss Gen Z’s impact on the labor movement and the current controversial Starbucks Union stance to support Palestine, after opening with reflections on the conflict in Israel and Gaza–including the powerful testimony of a 19-year-old Kibbutz member and victim of the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks who calls for a political solution.

Guests include: Ruby Raye Clarke, union member since the age of 14 and recently elected Chief Steward for the Wesleyan Union of Student Employees, Seth Goldstein, Labor Attorney for Amazon & Trader Joe’s unions and Santa Cruz-based labor activist Joe Thompson, current city council candidate, who helped start the first California Starbucks union & now works for SEIU Local 1021.

What does Gen Z energy do for the labor movement? Does this translate into political power? How much momentum does the current labor movement renaissance have? 

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