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The Dream Journal
The Dream as Oracle with Scott Mason

Scott Mason of the Webdelics podcast recently went through a serious health crisis during which he had a profound, life-changing dream. Scott gives a riveting description of the mysterious illness that overtook him just a few months ago. As the crisis came to a head, he had a profound dream which we explore in detail together, musing over the idea of dream as oracle.

After the break, we take a call from Deb Cox-Voisin ( in which she becomes filthy moving an ornate cast iron stove for an unethical man. Scott, the Myth Slayer, brings up the myth of Hephaestus, the blacksmith who creates the gift of fire but becomes disfigured in the process.

BIO: Recovering attorney and former C-Suite exec. Master of the mythic. Scott Mason is a speaker and coach who helps unhappy attorneys obliterate the myths keeping them stagnant, so they can magnetize and monetize professional freedom. He is also the host of The Webdelics Podcast, the official podcast for the web’s most trusted resource on plant medicine and psychedelics.

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Show aired on November 11, 2023. Many thanks to all those veterans who fought for their country!

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