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Finding Fulfillment with Lera Chacon

Have you found success but not fulfillment? We speak to Dreamworker Lera Chacon who has experienced that we can be blocked by trauma that is unhealed and even unremembered. We talk about her soul-centered approach to dreamwork which heals trauma and reconnects us with exiled parts of ourselves.

She describes how she started paying attention to dreams when her twin sons had bad nightmares when they were young. We talk about how dreams helped her discover her trauma and how that helped her to find more of a sense of purpose and joy in life.

Lera worked a dream with Katherine about a woman who finds her house full of opinionated women that look like her. We also take a call from August from Washington who shared a dream about bubbles with only top halves and seeing images of two churches in the sky.

BIO: Lera Chacon succeeded as a school psychologist, as a customer service manager and as an entrepreneur and still felt unfulfilled. What she was looking for, really, was not success but the healing of an unrecalled trauma at age two. She became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 1998 and began to heal her body’s reactions to the trauma. At the same time she began working with her dreams to heal her heart. In 2009, she began deeper work with a dreamwork community and a personal facilitator. Her radiant two-year-old self now feels seen, heard and loved, and there is an end to seeking. As a natural extension of her own healing and training, Lera is now a Dreamwork Facilitator, helping others toward their own healing and fulfillment.

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We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: “I Will Never Leave You” by Jim Meyer and “You Can Relax Now” Performed and written by Susan McCullen.

Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week. Many thanks to Tony Russomano for answering the phones and to Ewa Malady for audio editing.

Show aired on March 12, 2022.


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