Faith in the Time of Corona: Faith & The Police Chief

Faith in the Time of Corona: Faith & The Police Chief

Faith in the Time of Corona: Faith & The Police Chief
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In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the cruel murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis has sparked protests, violence, and discussions about policing and systemic racism across the country. Santa Cruz has experienced a variety of protests and calls for police to do a better job promoting justice and equity in our society. Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills discusses his work as police chief, the faith that sustains him, and the hope he has for meaningful change in policing.




About The Author

Seth Schapiro

Over many years, Seth Schapiro has interacted with a variety of cultures and faith perspectives, both in his personal experiences as well as in his professional life.  He grew up in a Jewish home and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Studies at UCSC. While living in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, he was exposed to various Appalachian Christian traditions. After teaching elementary school, he developed a K-12 multicultural education program that teaches principles of character using the words and lives of inspiring world figures. His travels have included visiting Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and Asia where he has observed the influence of Islamic faith on people’s everyday lives. Recently, he lived in Cambodia for one year and taught at a Buddhist university in Phnom Penh.

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