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Exactly Who We Are: The Portraiture of Jana Marcus
Jana Marcus

So what happens when a photographer, a mature woman herself, welcomes older women into her studio to get the full glamour treatment? In this episode, we explore how a session with Santa Cruz photographer Jana Marcus inspired and thrilled the women who took part. Even though beauty is supposed to be a superficial attribute, seeing themselves as beautiful, strong, and desirable had a deep and lasting effect on these women.

“When the photos were done, I just cried,” says Kimberly Blake Nixon. “I couldn’t believe how beautiful they look compared to how not very beautiful I felt at the time.”

Thanks to Jana Marcus as well as Kimberly Blake Nixon, Shannon Murray, Kristi Melani, Sharon DeJong, Gail Borkowski, Jacqueline Morgan, and Kimberly Scott for sharing their experiences.

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All photographs © copyright Jana Marcus.

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