Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
Everything, Everywhere and All at Once: Our Planet is Drastically Changing, But You Won’t See It on the Nightly News!

“Everything, Everywhere and All at Once:

Our Planet is Drastically Changing, But You Won’t See It on the Nightly News!”

“Be Bold America!” Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 5:00pm (PT)

“We are not prepared, have no plan, don’t know how bad it’s going to get, and have no time to waste. Everything and everyone is at risk.” ~ Kasper Benjamin Reimer Bjorkskov, Danish Climate Activist

As the European Environmental Agency reported, “We are entering an era of ‘Total Climate F-ery.’” You know what the “F’ stands for.

The underestimated extreme heat occurrences, the rising ocean acidity that is scaring scientists, the unchecked deterioration of biodiversity loss, and water and food crises around the world are almost beyond our capacity to correct.

Why is this existential threat to humanity not being covered as if everything did not depend on what we do next?

Betsy Rosenberg will share key indicators of ecosystems in decline and share her insights as a broadcast journalist insider about why the corporate news gatekeepers are only covering the tip of melting icebergs.

Last year was the hottest in recorded history, yet the networks focused less than ONE Percent of their coverage on the climate crisis!

Please join “Be Bold America!” on Sunday, April 7 at 5:00 pm to hear how the news media is not covering the biggest “If it bleeds; it leads story” in history and what we can do about it!


Bold Interview Guest:

Betsy Rosenberg has been a broadcast journalist for her entire career, beginning with a stint at ABC Sports during the Olympics in 1976 while still in college. Her first on air position was with CBS Radio, where she worked for two decades as a reporter at KCBS in San Francisco and later as a network anchor in New York City.

After 20 years of covering breaking news, she left to cover environmental challenges and solutions as an independent radio host and producer. First on the Air America Network, and later on Internet Radio, Betsy conducted hundreds of interviews with leading eco-innovators and experts covering all shades of green–with extra emphasis on the worsening climate crisis.

In addition to public speaking, she has written articles on Huff Post and Medium and has contributed to two books including Climate Abandoned—We’re on the Endangered Species List. Most recently Betsy was co-founder and host on