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Monarch Services: A focus on violence prevention

Two years of COVID have had a devastating effect on our mental health, especially for children and teens. Isolation, interruption of routines, losing loved ones, and uncertainty play a part in the rising rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and violence. Santa Cruz-based nonprofit Monarch Services offers crisis response to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, an emergency shelter, and support for trafficking victims, as well as community education and outreach to children and teens. Three of Monarch’s staff joined host Suki Wessling to talk about their work supporting victims, providing therapy to abusers, and educating youth and the general public about violence, trafficking, and sexual assault.

Guests: Leeann Luna is a Program Director who has been with Monarch for ten years and oversees the Crisis Intervention and Children’s and Youth Programs. Maria Barranco is a Program Director who has been with Monarch for ten years, oversees the On-Call, Sexual Assault and Prevention Program, and supports the agency’s hour training. Jaqueline Sandoval is an advocate and works with the prevention program in education.

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