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Dreaming about the IASD Conference with Bob Hoss

Want to find a community that cares about dreams as much as you do? The IASD is a massively multi-disciplinary group of people interested in dreams from scientists to psychologists, artists and dream enthusiasts. We cover topics from spirituality to lucid dreaming to clinical applications and the science of sleep. When I found the IASD I felt like I had found my tribe.

Our guest today is IASD Conference Manager Bob Hoss. If you are interested, you can find out more about the fully virtual IASD Conference June 13-17 at

Bob Hoss tells us several dreams that helped him keep his emotional equilibrium during the nerve-wracking processes of canceling the conference in 2020 and while preparing for the virtual event in 2021. The way he works with his dreams gives some wonderful examples of how dreams work with our feelings and help us make decisions even when we don’t remember them.

We take a call from Sarah from Santa Cruz who asks about using lucid dreaming to help her with specific family issues and also asks about a recurring theme about dreaming of losing her teeth.

BIO: Robert Hoss is the director and past president of the IASD and directs the Dream Science Foundation for research grants to stimulate dream related research and is a trainer on the staff of the Haden Institute. He is author or author/editor of four books and is also published in 9 other books and 4 Journals related to dream studies. Bob Hoss held an earlier career as a scientist, researcher and corporate vice president at American Express and IBM, but, having been trained in various psychological disciplines including Gestalt Therapy, managed a parallel career over 40 years instructing dreams studies at various institutions. Bob now devotes his considerable science and management skills to dream studies and helping IASD manage its conferences and research granting activities.

Bob Hoss’s website: where you can download the free book there called Dream Language.

Website for the IASD:

IASD International Conference will be June 13-17 and is s fully virtual conference.

We play clips from Suzanne Ciani’s Silver Ship and a Chris Commisso version of All I Want to Do is Dream.

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on June 5, 2021.


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