Be Bold, America!
What Do The Midterms Mean For The Longterm On Climate?

What Do The Midterms Mean For The Longterm On Climate?

Be Bold America!

Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 5:00pm (PDT)


that’s why I tell you

to keep your eyes wide.

To keep them wide open…

at least on one side. ~ Dr. Seuss

Keep at least one eye open and focused on the climate crisis these next two years!

The House of Representatives most likely will be Republican controlled.

It is sad to say, the Grand Old Party has no interest in writing active policies to address the climate emergency.

How will the midterm election results affect the longterm climate crisis?

How will “deny-o-sasurs” continue to block progress?

Big stakes are involved!

Learn about Green TV – that picks up where the mainstream media leaves off, offering the public compelling science and solutions-based programming in support of environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual wisdom – and the actions needed to further these goals.

Interview Guest:

Betsy Rosenberg is an award-winning national broadcast journalist who spent the first half of her career as a reporter and anchor with the CBS Radio News network. On Earth Day, 1997, Betsy launched TrashTalk minutes on KCBS Radio in San Francisco. Betsy has interviewed leading eco-innovators of our time from science, politics, business, tech, activism, and the arts and she is a keen observer, writer, and speaker on how mainstream news outlets cover climate change and other environmental issues. She has also written many articles and contributed to an anthology, edited by Jill Cody, titled Climate Abandoned — We’re on the Endangered List. Betsy is currently with GreenTV. Visit: to learn more.