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The Dream Journal
Dream Gems with Jane Carleton

Dreams often bring simple moments of magic that can make all the difference, and every dream has hidden jewels ready to be uncovered. We talk today to dream guide and professional gemologist Jane Carleton. Jane describes how she knows when a person has found the right gem for them because their bodies change and their eyes light up. This is similar to dream work when an “Aha!” will light up a dreamer often without them being able to explain it. Jane shares stories about asking for waking life magic and about using talismans to help remember the dream. She also speaks about waking life inner voice experiences and shares a moment where that voice saved her during a carjacking. We take a call from Walter who shares an intense nightmare of a boy who is attacked by two giant gems.

BIO. Jane E. Carleton, MA, GG holds two graduate degrees in Dream Studies, and Consciousness and Transformative Studies and has taught graduate courses on dreams at the California Institute of Integral Studies. As a Graduate Gemologist since 1984 she pursues two careers: as a dream specialist and fine jewelry appraiser. Jane is especially interested in how simple moments of magic can make all the difference, and how all dreams have hidden jewels ready to be uncovered. She is currently writing a book that shows how dreams, inner voice experiences, and synchronistic experiences can inspire us and help us navigate challenging times.

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Show aired on November 12, 2022.


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