Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Ami Chen-Mills talks about the rift between politics and reality; rarely-discussed County issues; and what it's like to run for office


Ami Chen Mills recently ran for Santa Cruz County Supervisor in District 3. She is a mental health professional who has written three books, including: The Spark Inside for teens and State of Mind in the Classroom for educators. For ten years, she directed the national nonprofit, Center for Sustainable Change. She has also been an investigative journalist and essayist, who started her writing career here in Santa Cruz. She teaches and counsels people through a spiritual psychology variously called Health Realization, Innate Health and Three Principles. Ami is a climate and social justice activist and educator and a global speaker and trainer on matters of emotional, spiritual and physical resilience–especially during our current, very challenging times. Ami is a mother of two teens. She has been a radio show host here at KSQD, a Lead Trainer for Santa Clara County and has her own YouTube channel. You can reach her at her website at