Talk of the Bay welcomes David Cobb. With his visionary partners, Cobb wants to revolutionize and transform how our society approaches money. A public banking advocate and founder of an evolving movement called Decolonizing Economics, Cobb works closely with Indigenous leaders and iconoclasts to question the theory and practice of how money shapes our lives. Through live events and online workshops from Earth Day to May Day, they want energize our capacity to decolonize the culture around money. 

Over the years the summit has continued to bring together incredible partners. This year’s conference is anchored by the Wiyot Tribe’s Dishgamu Community Land Trust, several Cal Poly Humboldt faculty members and departments, Free Speech TV, Cooperation Jackson, Democracy at Work, Green Eco-Socialist Network, Native Roots Network, New Economy Coalition, California Faculty Association – Humboldt Chapter, US Solidarity Economy Network,CA CLT Network, Solidarity Research Center, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, CA Public Banking Alliance, Full Spectrum Capital, California Trout,Transition US, Justice Funders, Shareable, Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council, Participatory Budgeting Project, Resist Foundation, Laura Flanders & Friends, and a growing list of sponsors. As our network expands, this conference serves as a powerful space to exchange experiences and information, strengthen alliances and networks, devise strategies to decenter colonial systems, and implement concrete solutions to heal the land and people. Over 1,000 people participated in the 2023 Summit, and we expect even more in 2024!