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Santa Cruz County Actors' Theater presents powerful local drama: White Sky, Falling Dragon

This month at the Actors’ Theater in downtown Santa Cruz we have a rare opportunity to experience a very local story. White Sky, Falling Dragon is a play in two acts by playwright, and Director, Steve “Spike” Wong. The play runs April 19 through May 5. 

Inspired by Spike’s own father, Captain Ernest Wong, USAAF, the play tells the story of a young Chinese-American man’s return to small town Watsonville, California in 1944 after his WWII service as a bombardier.  

This production, featuring an all Asian cast in primary roles, offers a rare opportunity to experience a largely untold story of the heroic contributions of Chinese-Americans, and a dramatic telling of the aftermath of war. With its focus on Chinese-American culture, immigration, and military service during wartime, the play is a unique blend of drama and comedy and a moving tribute to the complexities of what it means to come home.

For more information and to purchase tickets: Actors Theater