The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
COVID-19 as Collective Soul Work with Melissa Grace

We talk about what kinds of dreams people are having during this pandemic ranging from impending doom to transcendence.  How do these dreams tap into the Anima Mundi or collective soul of the world?  We also explore experiences of past life dreams and the work of Sabine Lucas as well as how our personal growth work becomes a way of healing our ancestors as well as ourselves.

Melissa Grace has been a professional clairaudient intuitive and dream worker since 2007. Melissa facilitates dream groups, mainly for women, and sees private clients both in person and online. One of her favorite things to do is facilitate her online dream group for dreamwork professionals and therapists, who, thanks to the magic of Zoom, attend from all over the world. She also runs a Facebook page called The Night Is Jung, which is dedicated to depth psychology and personal growth.

Instagram:   thenightisjungdreamguide

Show aired on April 11, 2020.


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