KSQD held a contest for the best song about our famous surfboard-biting, surfing sea otter, called 841 by scientists.

182 people voted! And (drum-roll please) the results are in. Thanks to all who voted.

David Cameron’s “Otter in the Water” won hands down for first place. You can wear your K-Squid shirt proudly knowing you went the extra mile to honor our celebrity sea otter, 841.

Otter in the Water by David Cameron

Alice D’Jardin’s “Otter Girl” came in second

Otter Girl by Alice D’Jardin

And, third place goes to…Marcy Boyd for “Fun, Fun, Fun”

Fun, Fun, Fun by Marcy Boyd

Honorable mention goes to Andy Farley’s “Otter Anthem”

841 Otter Anthem by Andy Farley

And special thanks to Peter Weiss for submitting a song from his CD, Singing Scientist, Do as  You Otter!

Do as You Otter by Peter Weiss

All contestants get a K-Squid fridge magnet and a couple of spins on this week’s radio shows.