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Co-creative Dreaming with Dr Scott Sparrow

(Sorry for the delay in publishing this week due to a problem with the KSQD server.) We start by exploring some of the early spontaneous lucid dreaming experiences of our guest Dr. G. Scott Sparrow. He then shares some of his favorite lucid dreaming induction techniques and suggests that meditating before sleep can enhance lucid dreaming. We then talk about co-creative dreaming which is where the dream is viewed as collaboratively created by the dreamer and the dream itself. These dreams and working with them in waking life can help resolve long-standing issues in the dreamer. We then go through the steps of the FiveStar Dream technique.

Dr. Sparrow talks about his free online groups that are being offered now through the Dream Star Institute. He then shares some of his own dreams of religious figures and the opportunities that the dreams were pointing to and the resistances in himself that they highlighted. We talk next about Scott’s research into the supplement galantamine as a way of enhancing lucid dreams. He will be presenting this research at the IASD virtual conference in June as well as a workshop on the co-creative method.

We take two calls. The first call is from Barbara June from Charlestown, West Virginia who shares a life changing dream from years ago where she learned to be more accepting of herself and a new dream from this morning in which she sees that a “ghastly insect”. At first she tries to get rid of it but ultimately learns that it can be helpful. Scott quotes Rainer Maria Rilke, “Everything that is terrible is in the final analysis only something that wants our love.”

The second call is from Julie who shares a dream about a young girl that she finds in the garage. The girl is upset and is saying that she wants to know what’s going on. She recognizes that this may be a part of her both from her current waking life and also reflecting a pattern from her childhood.

BIO: Gregory Scott Sparrow, EdD, LPC-S, LMFT, is a full Professor in the Counseling Department at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley and a charter faculty member of Atlantic University in Virginia Beach. He is one of earliest lucid dream researcher, having  a past President and Board Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), and has maintained a psychotherapy and supervision practice for over 37 years. He specializes in existential, Jungian, family systems, and transpersonal approaches to therapy, and has developed a widely used approach to dream work based cocreative dream theory and his lucid dream research, called the FiveStar Method. He is founder of DreamStar Institute, which offers mentoring and certification in co-creative dream analysis. He has authored several books, dozens of articles and home-study courses in the field of lucid dreaming, religious experience, dream theory and dream analysis.  He is founder and clinical supervisor for DreamStar Free Online Counseling.

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on March 6, 2021.


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