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Behind the Mic: Nicholas Mitchell

KSQD is community radio—whether it’s music or talk, much of the programming streaming your way on 90.7 FM is created by community volunteers offering their expertise for the sheer love of doing what they do. But, who are the people running the studio, spinning the tunes, and sharing tales with local and national personalities? Their stories will likely surprise and delight you. 

For over 40 years Nicholas has been a local DJ broadcasting over the Santa Cruz airwaves various classical programs with a mission to not only delight the ear and heart, but also to showcase the local, the unique, and the obscure, encouraging listeners to experience classical music as an accessible art form to light up our moments with joy and exuberance. 

Nicholas studied music at Cabrillo College, UCSC and until recently, served on the board of the Baroque Music Festival. 

Just like the classical music he champions, Our journey with Nicholas Mitchell will be filled with connections to history and inspirations from a time when the human mind was only beginning to conjure the scientific brilliance that would speed up our world and launch us into the modern age. 

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Joseph Hayden String Quartet, Opus 76, No. 1: Carl Nielson Competition

John Cage, Alexi Lubimov: In a Landscape

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Opus 125. Wiener Philharmonic. Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt Conducting.

Chopin: Nocturne No. 19 in E Minor, Opus 72, N0. 1 Benjamin Grosenor

Keith Jarret: Koln Concert (January 24, 1975)

The Queen’s Gambit episode 7 Soundtrack Choir

Nicholas Mitchell