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Bringing the Magical to the Practical with Ya Mei Wolff-Smith

Ya Mei shared with us the evolving seven step process that she developed to enhance her dream life. She described “feeling-ization”, a combination of feeling and realization which helps us to manifest our dreams and gave some examples of bringing the magical into the practical everyday of life. She also spoke about the importance of cultivating your memory in maximizing dream recall. At the end of the show, Ya Mei shared one of her recent dream poems called Spirit of the ABCs to Z.

Ellen called in to tell us about her dream of waking up too late to call in to the Dream Journal and also to share some of her lucid dream experiences, and Jeff called to encourage people to join the monthly Meet-Up group he co-leads with Ya Mei called “Santa Cruz Dreamers”.

Bio: Ya Mei Wolff-Smith is a mother, a partner, an ecstatic dancer, and a lover of life. She has been lucid dreaming for the last three years. Dreaming is not only her hobby but it’s a serious portal to self empowerment, awareness and reflection. Conscious intentional dreaming is one way that she uses to access wisdom spirit and truth.

According to Malcom Gladwell, it takes ~10,000 hours to truly master something. For Ya Mei, her waking life is her day job and dreaming/sleeping life is her night job, where she has confidently racked up those hours. Ya Mei continues to devote her relentless time and attention to knowing herself in a way that’s beneficial to all beings with her whole soul and strength.

One way that Ya Mei expresses her dreams is through poetry and she’ll give us some tips on how to turn our dreams in poems and will also share with us some of her dream creations.

You can contact Ya Mei Wolff-Smith through her Meet Up page here, or contact Katherine Bell, and she will get you in touch with Ya Mei.

Show aired on July 11, 2020.


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