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Black Femme Brunch, Pleasure and Lucid Dreaming with Tuere Khanyisa

How can we create spaces of pleasure for queer and black people? What about dream spaces? This is a replay of one of my favorite recent shows. Our guest is Tuere Khanyisa, the founder of Black Femme Brunch. She is an avid lucid dreamer and she has lots to say about the pursuit of pleasure. Tuere shares some of her intense dreams including a lucid dream called The Devil and the Three Portals. She suggests that we can use awareness of absurdity to become lucid. She defines pleasure and draws me out about what brings me pleasure. She suggests that one of the ways that we learn to feel free is by choosing our own roles in life.

We take a call from Ellen from Soquel who shares a dream about her daughter.

BIO: Tuere Khanyisa is a Charlotte native who earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at North Carolina Central University. She works as a writer, editor, and cultural worker, curating celebratory trans and queer spaces as the founder of Black Femme Brunch. Her messianic imperative is to serve the Black queer and trans community with the radical notion that pursuing pleasure is an affirming, powerful, and reclaimed right of Black people’s humanity. She works to demystify understandings of kink, pleasure, spirituality, psychology, and sex positivity by offering people safe containers to explore and encounter them all without judgement. Tuere is a gamer, gardener, pleasure activist, spiritualist, and dream worker. Joy is the central pillar of everything she does.

Find our guest on IG @FemmeFinite and at FB at Black Femme Brunch.

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Show aired on February 18, 2023 rebroadcast from a show which was recorded September 3, 2022.


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