Be Bold America!
We have a crisis in politics that can’t be ignored. But! We have a crisis in acceptable character and principle-centered living that can’t be ignored either. Living a bold, principle-centered life? “Be Bold America!” Is a live talk show that imagines an America with ethical principles and functional systems. We can be a country with engaged citizens whose lives are politically active and personally meaningful. A bold democratic America first requires informed, principle-centered citizens. On “Be Bold America!” cohosts will set up topics, interview guests, and conclude with reviewing the Keep/Stop/Starts: practical principles and tools to enhance the listeners personal and political life. Every other Sunday at 5:00pm!




Sunday, May 19 5:00pm

Jill Cody

Jill Cody, M.P.A., is a political scientist and a multiple award-winning author and radio show host ( Both her books, America Abandoned: The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy and Climate Abandoned: We’re on the Endangered Species List (also an #1 Amazon Bestseller), describes ideas, at the end of each chapter, regarding what the reader can Keep doing, Stop doing, and Start doing to fight for our democracy and save civilization on our planet. Jill produces and hosts a KSQD 90.7FM radio program titled “Be Bold America!” ( Jill joined KSQD90.7FM with her show “Be Bold America!” – airing every other week on Sundays at 5:00pm (PST) – to discuss ideas with nationally-known authors and activists. This live talk show imagines an America with functional systems and ethical principles. America can be a country with engaged citizens whose lives are politically active and personally meaningful. A bold, democratic America first requires informed principled-centered citizens. For post-program listening, “Be Bold America!” is pushed out to ten podcast platforms including Apple, Google and Spotify. Like her books, she closes each show with the interview guest’s suggestions on what listeners should Keep doing, Stop doing, and Start doing as they pertain to their topic. LIVE BOLD!

Previously, Jill was Chair of the Recreation and Tourism Dept. and Deputy Director of the School of Library Information Sciences at San Jose State University, California. She is also past president of the SJSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association. Jill was an international Organization Development consultant in the U.S., the Czech Republic, and Egypt. In addition, she held senior management and superintendent positions in three Bay Area municipalities.