Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Astrologer Susan Heinz on the Archetypal Cosmic Patterns Shaping History

On Good News Santa Cruz Thanksgiving Day we rebroadcast an interview from host Debora Bone with Susan Heinz, an archetypal astrologer, artist and visionary who interprets the language of the stars so that we can better understand the energy patterns of the planetary alignments that also manifest here on earth. Sue’s knowledge comes from forty years of study and practice in the lineage of scholarly astrologers. She offers deep inquiry into archetypes that reflect the patterns and movements of the planets and their relationship to each other and to the back drop of the stars in our galaxy. As we witness the great transformations occurring in our world, Sue’s insights help us to make sense of the forces at play.

Visit Susan’s Website Transformative Visions for complete information about her lectures, and readings, and workshops.

Archetypal Astrologer Susan Heinz