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The Dream Journal
Are Dreams Real? With the DreamWell Team

How can we learn to honor sleep and dreaming as a valuable part of being human and not just as adjuncts to our waking life? Today we talk with the three founders of a hot new app called DreamWell: Have Great Dreams. Our three guests are identical twins William and Daniel Rekshan and Nkechi Njaka dialing in from France, British Columbia and San Francisco.

We talk about the reality of dreaming beyond any psychological aspect including visitation dreams and out of body experiences. We also speak about sharing dreams as a way to normalize them, the continuity of mental activity from waking to dreaming and the evidence that mindfulness prepares us for and deepens our sleep. We take a call from Anna in San Francisco who shares her experience with the DreamWell app and asks about waking life influences on dreaming.

Bios: DreamWell is a public benefit corporation with the mission to support the natural well-being of all dreamers everywhere by building engaging digital tools that promote and inspire healthy sleep and dreams. William Rekshan is the CEO of DreamWell, has coauthored research in sleep and clinical psychology, and has worked as an analyst at award winning mobile apps. Daniel Rekshan is the Chief Dream Officer. He has an MA from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently a PhD student at the California Institute for Human Science in the Integral Noetic Science program. Nkechi Njaka is the Chief Mindfulness Officer. She has an MSc. in Neuroscience from University of Edinburgh, holds MBSR, Embodied Mind 200 hr and MNDFL Certificates. She is currently a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University.

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Show aired on December 3, 2022.


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