Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Sea Walls Santa Cruz Launches

Here at K-Squid, we love our ocean sanctuary, especially the squid who live there. That’s why we were so thrilled to hear about this massive community-wide mural project, that will very likely include many images of our mascot, the squid. The organizers of this local/global ocean mural project were very excited to host the first Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project taking place in Santa Cruz, California. From September 13-18, 2021, their team of regional and visiting artists will gather in Santa Cruz for one week to create a series of locally relevant public artworks to help spur environmental activism, while beautifying the town’s streetscape. In this interview, muralist and project coordinator, and the person responsible for bringing this project to Santa Cruz, Taylor Reinhold, talks about the impact the dozens of murals will have on the conversation about ocean conservation.

The public artworks will serve as educational tools and conversation-starters, addressing marine environmental issues relevant and of importance to the local community. The project’s goal is to ignite ownership for the sustainability of natural resources and to build community around the common cause of protecting the region’s ocean and coast for future generations. For more information:


Then, we hear from survivors of the CZU fires in a short piece produced by the Kitchen Sisters.