Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Antarctica and local Climate Action

On Thursday April 1, 2021, Pauline Seales interviewed Krista Myers, an Antarctic scientist and local activist.

Krista has spent 5 summer leading a study team in the McMurdo dry Valleys of Antarctica. She gets to plan the logistics and supervise the team of sci

entists. Part of her talk emphasized that the people there have to be flexible and willing to fix broken equipment and operate with zero waste and pollution in the pristine environment.

Krista is also leading the local Climate Action photo contest. Entries due April 8, cash prizes details

Krista recommends local people concerned about climate change joining with a local group such as:

Santa Cruz Climate Action Network  –

Citizens Climate Lobby – local chapter – mostly working on congressional bills

Save our Shores – focusing on the Ocean and Plastic pollution

Novasutras – connection with Nature

Regeneracion – working with youth in Pajaro Valley

or other other local groups