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Our African Unconscious with Dr Bruce Bynum

Our guest is author and poet Dr. Bruce Bynum. We start off talking about shared dreaming in which people who are emotionally close sometimes have very similar dreams. We talk about how vital dreaming is including how sleep deprivation was used as a form of brainwashing at various times in history.

We then dive into our history as a species which originated on the African continent and how all current major religions therefore have their roots in African mysticism including the idea that Jesus as a historical figure was most likely a black man with “feet of bronze and hair like sheep’s wool”.  We talk about dissociation and out of body experiences and Bruce talks about his vision of  a world in which nonlocal consciousness is accepted as a part of the human norm including the well-documented phenomenon of “crisis telepathy” and about how we can each start to experience this as a kind of universal spirituality.

Dr. Bynum is going to present some of his ideas at the virtual IASD conference coming up June 13-17 in a panel called Dreams and Ethnicity. Find out about the conference at or about the International Association for the Study of Dreams at

Bruce read one of his poems called “I Dreamed”.

The audio was initially a little rough so I had to cut out some of Bruce’s early recollections about dreaming.

Bio: Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD is a licensed psychologist and Diplomat in clinical psychology, nationally certified in biofeedback and senior fellow in the National Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. His focus is psychosomatic medicine, hypnosis and individual psychotherapy. He is currently in private practice in Hadley Massachusetts. He is the author of several books in psychology and poetry. Most recent books in psychology include DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS, Our African Unconscious and The Dreamlife of Families. New books in poetry include The First Bird, The Magdalene Poems: Love Letters of Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene, The Luminous Heretic, and Gospel of the Dark Orisha. He received the Abraham H. Maslow Award from APA for “an outstanding and lasting contribution to the exploration of the farther reaches of the human spirit”.

Contact Dr. Bynum at

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on May 22, 2021.


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