Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Allison Paradise of the Epicenter on empowering youth through awareness, wonderment, and exploration


The Epicenter empowers students ages 7 – 22 to connect with their authentic selves and their limitless potential. The experience of being empowered is transformative. It can lead to feelings of liberation, awe, clarity, focus, strength, confidence, purpose, joy, and deep gratitude. It is one of the most powerful experiences a person can have.

The Epicenter was co-founded by Allison Paradise and Sarah Buckius. They met because Sarah was getting Allison’s mail! Sarah has a degree in engineering from the University of Illinois as well as an MFA from the University of Michigan, and worked as a performance artist and art teacher in Michigan for several years before moving to California. Allison’s background is in neuroscience and sustainability. She holds degrees in neuroscience from Brown and Harvard Universities and is the founder and former CEO of My Green Lab, a global non-profit dedicated to creating a culture of sustainability in science.

They recently exhibited a piece called ‘Entanglement‘ at the Museum of Art & History for the museum’s “Frequency” event. Entanglement provided an experience of quantum entanglement on a large scale.

Videos referred to in the interview can be found HERE.