The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
All Call-In Labor Day Dream Show

For Labor Day this year, the Dream Journal is an all call-in show. Katherine takes two calls. In the first call, Ray describes a dream about walking with a deceased friend and another dream about teaching a young girl how to fly. Then Diane calls in to talk about two redwood dreams and another in which she has “before the fire and after the fire” memory cards. We discuss the dream in terms of how we are changed by our experiences, especially traumatic ones.

I talk alot about about the Bonny Doon fires and want to acknowledge that in fact the communities of Boulder Creek and the entire San Lorenzo Valley were affected in the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. Indeed there are many people all over California affected by wildfires and I want to express my heartfelt compassion for everyone who has been or will be impacted.

Dreams help us cope with stressful times, and there have been plenty of stressful things happening lately. Whether your dreams have been addressing the fires, hurricanes, Covid, race relations or the future of our country, call in and feel the love!

Share your dream in a safe space where we know that EVERY dream offers healing and growth. No dream too is small to share, no dream too big! You might be amazed at how precisely your dreams target you and offer healing in each moment and how they also nudge us forward and help us to become more authentic and loving human beings.

Katherine Bell has 20 years of experience helping dreamers find insight and comfort in their dreams.

In between calls we will hear several lyrical and humorous songs written by our resident musician Rick Kleffel, and Katherine will talk about the remarkable mechanisms that allow the human psyche to deal with trauma, helping us cope and remain functional even in these trying times.

Show will be aired on September 5, 2020.


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