Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Prof. Stephen Zunes post-election analysis

A prominent specialist on U.S. Middle East policy, Professor Stephen Zunes has presented hundreds of public lectures and conference papers in both the United States and over a dozen foreign countries. He has traveled frequently to the Middle East and other conflict regions, meeting with prominent government officials, scholars, and dissidents. He has served as a political analyst for local, national, and international radio and television and as a columnist for several print and online publications, and has published hundreds of articles in academic journals, anthologies, magazines, and elsewhere on such topics as U.S. foreign policy, Middle Eastern politics, Latin American politics, African politics, human rights, arms control, social movements, and nonviolent action. He has served as a writer and senior analyst for Foreign Policy in Focus, an associate editor for Peace Review, and a contributing editor of Tikkun.

In this interview, Zunes takes on the fears and threats of the post-election political landscape and puts them into perspective.