Since the leaked Supreme Court opinion striking down abortion rights first surfaced, KSQD talk hosts have been covering the issue from a variety of angles. Check out the episodes below and check back as we add to this debate with more thoughtful conversation.

Available episodes:

  • Comprehensive healthcare includes abortion care – June 6, 2022 – Talk of the Bay
    Host Suki Wessling explores the medical side of abortion, starting with what the phrase “for the life or health of the mother” means in real life and moving to the downstream effects of abortion care for all.
  • Taking Heart as Roe V Wade Falters with Bettina Aptheker – June 13, 2022 – Talk of the Bay
    Host Christine Barrington interviews UCSC Distinguished Professor Emerita Bettina Aptheker to solicit her insights on the rapidly deteriorating right to choose in the United States.
  • Abortion Stigma: The Root of Healthcare Confusion – July 4, 2022 – Talk of the Bay
    Host Suki Wessling looks at the social side of abortion with three health professionals who trace the stigma against talking about abortion to negative health outcomes for women.
  • Dobbs v. Jackson: A Cascade of Consequences – July 31, 2022 – Be Bold, America!
    What was the Constitutional reasoning to overturn Roe v. Wade after nearly 50 years? What was the Dobbs v. Jackson lawsuit all about? How did the majority of judges use it to mandate governmentally forced pregnancy? What did the concurrence and dissent opinions say? Interview Guest: Margaret M. Russell, JD
  • Women’s Bodily Autonomy: From Midwifery to Abortion – August 1, 2022 – Talk of the Bay
    Hosts Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington speak with two midwives who were arrested for their work. They lived through the time when women had no rights to their own bodies, and their fight still resonates today.
  • How a Republican Grandfather Helped Legalize Abortion, August 7, 2022 – Sustainability Now!
    Sustainability Now! Host Ronnie Lipschutz speaks with Dr. Caroline Tracey, whose June 18th essay in the San Francisco Chronicle recounted the historical relationship between Republicans, environmentalism and abortion.
  • The reality of abortion and religion is nuanced, August 29, 2022- Talk of the Bay
    Hosts Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington lead a panel discussion on religious views of abortion. Joining to discuss this important and difficult issue are Rabbi Paula Marcus of Temple Beth El, the Reverend David Pattee of Peace United Church of Christ, and the Reverend Terra Collier-Young, a Unitarian Universalist Community Minister.
  • Reproductive Freedom: Essential for Mental Health, December 4, 2022 – State of Mind
    This episode hosted by Debra Sloss features a collection of nuanced and highly personal stories about reproductive decisions and how these choices impact mental health. How each person makes meaning of their experience varies greatly, but what’s common to all of the stories is that carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth is not a minor incident. It is a major event in one’s life: physically, hormonally, financially and often emotionally.