Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Abbi Samuels Standing for Marginalized Peoples

In this episode of Good News Santa Cruz Randa Solick interviews Abbi Samuels, a vocal and engaged Santa Cruz Activist advocating for our marginalized residents and striving to make this a better world.

You may have walked by as she slept outside City Hall once a week for 2 years in protest of the sleeping ban that criminalized our homeless, or heard her speak passionately at City Council meetings. She is on the board of the local ACLU Santa Cruz chapter (ACLU SC Facebook Page) an organizer for the immigrant rights group YARR (Your Allied Rapid Response), and participates in the Democratic Socialists of America, Stop the Recalls campaign, Santa Cruz for Bernie and Peoples Democratic Club—all while working full-time! Abbi talks about what motivates her and discuss some of our impactful local progressive organizations.