Faith Matters: War & Peace

A Catholic deacon, Baha’i leader, and a Muslim community leader discuss how their traditions view the existence of war and the hope for peace in our world.

Topic:       War & Peace


  • Deacon Patrick Conway (Catholic)

  • Brian Miller (Baha’i)

  • Ameena Jandali (Islam) [not pictured]

Yemen, Pakistan, Congo, Burma, Israel, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Syria. These are just a few of the countries that have experienced war in the past 10 years alone.  For some reason, war seems to be part of the human condition. Yet all of us, no matter where we live, or whether we have a faith or no faith, yearn for a peaceful world. On this episode, our three spiritual leaders will be discussing war and peace

  • Why do humans wage war against each other?
  • How do people of faith reconcile their belief in a loving Higher Power with the reality of war and human violence? 
  • How do different faith traditions address war and the longing for peace?