Unheard Voices
Unheard Voices
Unheard Voices with Antoinette Parekh
On Friday June 4th, 2021 host Ami Chen Mills-Naim looked at the intersection of spirituality with social and political activism.
Ami’s guest is Antoinette Parekh, a local Zen Buddhist priest in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi. With a long history of environmental and social justice activism.They discussed the role of spirituality in the social and political world, how spirituality and activism inform each other, and how to stay sane during troubled times.

Unheard Voices is a derivative of the new Civil Rights Movement Black Lives Matter. This program is inclusive of all people of the colors of the Rainbow. We hold the vision that change begins in the heart, and with the intention to learn about others and respect their world views, we will find ways to coexist peacefully to create a world that works for all.

Unheard Voices airs every Friday at 3pm.