Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Understanding Trans
Over the last year, Transgender human beings have come to dominate Right-wing media, propaganda and disinformation campaigns.  Even “liberal” folks are confused about Transgender people and issues. This show addresses confusions and misconceptions about being Transgender or “non-binary” in the face of an avalanche of anti-Trans laws being proposed and passed in “Red States” across the U.S. Even in Blue States like California, extremist hate groups like “Moms for Liberty” and the “Proud Boys” have taken over school boards and/or created chaos and havoc at school board meetings, particularly in Temecula, Chino Valley and even Glendale, in the heart of L.A. …
Ami Chen Mills dialogues with national Trans-serving MD and advocate Dr. Jen Hastings; Maebe A. Girl, running for Congress in CA District 30 for Adam Schiff‘s seat; the first Trans male elected official in the state of California, Adam Spickler; and a parent of and advocate for Trans and non-binary children, Joy Schendledeker, running for a City Council seat in Santa Cruz, CA. Joy and others have been publicly confronting creeping anti-Trans propaganda in her deep “Blue” and “liberal” city and county, even from surprising, typically left wing sources.
This is the show launch of “Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills,” Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4 at 6 pm PST on KSQD FM (90.7, 89.5 and 85.7 FM), and streaming GLOBALLY from the KSQD website every 1st & 3rd Monday.

Show Notes/Resources:

Highly Recommended: Erin in the Morning on Substack:

Washington Post Survey of Trans People, US, Six Takeaways and Link to Survey:

LA Times Article on Chino, CA school board rules:

Scientific American Study debunking “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria”: Ed by Jen Hastings in the Sacramento Bee:

The problematic Trans-focused writing of New York Times journalist Azeen:

Jen Hastings’ Op Ed in the Sacramento Bee:

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