The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal: Johanne LaRocque, August 24, 2019

​Monterey Dream Coach Johanne LaRocque has been doing dream work since the summer of 1993, when she took a graduate seminar from Jeremy Taylor at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.  One of the things Johanne enjoys is finding new ways to do deep dives, so most of her work is with ongoing dream groups.  Currently, she is fascinated by the use of the mandala as a way of mapping a dream, employing the basic archetypes of the art world.

We talk about how you can use mandalas to draw meaning out of your own dreams and touch on the archetypal symbols of Angeles Arrien.  We also talk about revitalizing old dream groups.

In this show, Kerri calls in and shares her dream about flying with her deceased father in his stunt plane.

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