Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
The Cabrillo Stroke and Disability Learning Center

On Good News Santa Cruz, August 13, 2020, Host Pauline Seales interviews Debora Bone and Cynthia Fitzgerald of The Cabrillo Stroke and Disability Learning Center. Debora is the past Director and Cynthia the current Director, and both of them want to share with the community the terrific offerings of this long-standing program.

Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke. Every six, someone’s quality of life will forever be changed. To meet this challenge locally, the Stroke and Disability Learning Center provides an interdisciplinary educational program for adults who have survived a stroke or are living with disabling conditions. The SDLC is a unique program operating since 1974 at Cabrillo College that starts where medical rehabilitation leaves off. Patients become students and enroll in specialized classes to develop strategies and gain skills in a supportive learning community.

The goal of the SDLC is to support independence and promote maximum function for adults adapting to functional losses. Students participate in small-group instruction in Mobility and Fitness, Speech and Communication and Counseling Support. Classes are designed to meet the learning needs of each individual student, taking into account a wide range of disabilities and offering personalized assessment to identify individual learning goals.

Join Debora and Cynthia to hear more about the Center’s history and accomplishments, as well as the future vision for this transformational local program.

The motto of the program:

” Love is spoken here”.

To learn more for someone in your life call 831-477-3300

Your call will be followed up with an interview and an orientation session.

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Costs are limited to community college enrollment fees and scholarships are available.