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Sustainability Now! Sunday, November 28th: Being in the World with Bees (or, What is it to Be a Bee?) with Professor Eve Bratman


Being in the World with Bees

(or, What is it to Be a Bee?)

 with Professor Eve Bratman


on Sustainability Now!  Sunday, November 28th, 5-6 PM on KSQD

Bees are in danger; what can we do? Tune into Sustainability Now! to hear a conversation with Eve Bratman, an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Franklin & Marshall College, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Bratman is author of Governing the Rainforest: Sustainable Development Politics in the Amazon. She is currently writing a book entitled Pollen Nation: A journey into the politics of saving the bees and the ethics of a sustainable future, which uses bees as a prism for seeing broader social and ecological phenomena and is premised upon revealing the ways that human society fumblingly strives to protect and preserve their roles in our lives.  You can find out more about Professor Bratman’s research and writing at http://www.evebratman.com/

Sustainability Now! is underwritten by the Sustainable Systems Research Foundation.

VICTORY FOR CALIFORNIA’S BEES: Alameda judge orders a statewide halt to use of pesticide harmful to honeybees