Podcast: Reflections on Buddhism

Why Buddhism? Buddhist Practice on Western Ground

Buddhism is a rich philosophical tradition, but also survived for hundreds of years in Asian countries with cultures very different from those in the countries to which Buddhism has been introduced in the last 100 years, the so-called West. What are some of the challenges in this process of transplantation, and how do we separate the philosophy and practices from the cultural overlay that often accompanies them? We will discuss the evolution of Buddhism in modern times and cultures, and the benefits and the pitfalls of this transformation.

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Coping with the Stress of Turbulent Times, Perspectives from Buddhism and Psychology

his episode is an exploration of how to manage our stress during this time of uncertainty, and how meditation can help us transform grief, loneliness and anger. We discuss the roles of compassion (including self-compassion), gratitude, and enthusiasm in our happiness, and how we can access these qualities even in these difficult times.

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The Changing Roles for Women in Buddhism, from Ancient Times to the Modern Day

Buddhism originated in India 2,500 years ago, and flourished for centuries in Asian countries with strictly patriarchal and hierarchical cultures. As Buddhism takes root in the modern world, how is the role of women, both monastic and lay, changing to stay relevant to our modern cultures, in which equal rights for all genders is valued? What are some of the challenges in terms of gender equality we still face as Buddhists, and how do we move forward? These important questions will be discussed in this episode.

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