Faith Matters: Rituals & Practices


A neo-Pagan, evangelical pastor, and a teacher of a Hindu Vedic tradition discuss their unique rituals and how these practices help them connect to the Divine.

Topic:       Rituals & Practices


  • Jairam Sharma (Hindu Vedic)

  • Pastor Richard Gotthardt (Evangelical)

  • Sandy Stone (Neo-Pagan) 

Our personal rituals form and shape the contours of our lives. From daily habits, to family traditions, to rites of passages, we all have rituals that express what we value, as well as give our lives meaning and purpose.  Similarly, every spiritual tradition has rituals and practices that express a particular view of the world, what our place is in the universe, and what ultimately gives our life meaning and purpose. Each of these faiths is nurtured in a community that engage in the rituals that they believe connect people to the Divine.

  • Why are specific rituals important in different religious traditions? 
  • What are the goals of these rituals?
  • Are these religious rituals merely human traditions and activities or do they foster a genuine contact with a Divine Power?
  • How do these rituals actually provide tangible help to people?