Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Reflections on Resilience in Dark Times: Acoustic Episode

In this special, “acoustic” episode, Moment of Truth host, activist and resiliency author Ami Chen Mills reflects on the current state of the world, including the coming US election season, the war in Israel, Gaza, the Occupied Territories, Lebanon and now the Red Sea and Yemen. With Donald Trump (90 plus indictments to date) as GOP front runner and Joe Biden slipping in the polls, as he continues to stubbornly resist the opinion of a majority of Americans who support a ceasefire, what does the future look like now?

From within the mists of a storied Point Reyes writers’ retreat, and invoking the spirits of David Spangler and Rebecca Solnit (and others), Ami speaks to what looks like increasing darkness. Is this the darkness of many cloudy days before the sun beams down on us again? Is the darkness of a womb–where greater visions are brewing? Or is it the foreboding darkness of darker times ahead? Maybe, we just can’t know.

But we can reach out in community and cry, commisserate and take joy in what we can … as we work together, shoulder to shoulder, to try our best to turn the tide for peace, for human rights, for equality, for democracy and for our beloved Mother Earth.

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