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Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self with Eric Wargo

Dreams can reveal moments from the future. Our guest argues that precognitive dreams are most likely to predict moments of our personal future and those that have strong feelings that are double valanced. For example there’s a disaster but we are okay. He cautions that we can’t distinguish precognitive dreams from metaphor except in hindsight.

This topic leads us into a conversation which ranges from the unconscious (which he argues has one foot in the future), the specialness of time compared to the other three dimensions, intuition, time paradoxes, free will and photons.

We take listener emails about deja vu and about how our actions in the present affect our past. We end with Eric describing three steps you can use to identify precognitive elements in your own dreams.

BIO: Eric Wargo is a science writer, paranormal researcher, and futurist in Washington, DC, and he has a Ph.D. in anthropology from Emory University. His main interests are in precognition (seeing and feeling the future), precognition’s role in dreams and creativity, and the physics of time travel. He is the author of the books Time Loops and Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self, and is currently working on a book about precognition in the lives of artists and writers. In his spare time, Wargo writes about science fiction, consciousness, and parapsychology at his popular blog, The Nightshirt.

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We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: Beatles A Day in the Life and Ernst Rejseger’s soundtrack for Cave of Forgotten Dreams, the track “Shadow”.

Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week. Many thanks to Rick Kleffel for engineering the show, to Tony Russomano for answering the phones and to Ewa Malady for audio editing.

Show aired on February 19, 2022.


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